Natural Supplement Types


There are various kinds of natural supplements which make it simple to get the appropriate supplement or mix of dietary supplements which can aid in the treatment of some health conditions. However, it is important to understand the different forms of supplements and their uses to ensure that you arrive at the right decision for your dietary needs. The following is a basic list of the different kinds of dietary supplements available.


Whereas a majority of the individuals might assume that all supplements are just vitamins which is not the case. Vitamins are technically just one category of Nutra-Life supplements although they might be the most important. There are approximately 13 vital vitamins which are necessary for the body to operate well. One category has those that are fat soluble while the rest are water soluble. The other category if of those synthesized in the body through foods and others are absorbed through the diet. A vitamin such as Vitamin D is activated in the body through the sunlight. Therefore, it is important to comprehend the difference between the different vitamins and their function in good health before including a supplement product to your diet.


These are supplements which are found in two main categories known as trace and macro minerals. The macrominerals which include some such as calcium are vital for the promotion of bone strength. However, they ought to be taken together with vitamin D among other minerals like boron for proper absorption. A vital trace mineral is selenium that research has indicated that it is an important antioxidant for the fighting of cancer and boosting the immunity.

Herbal supplements.

They are the third category of natural supplements which are not themselves crucial to the body like minerals and vitamins. Nevertheless, a lot of herbs offer inherently high medicinal as well as nutritional value. For instance, Echinacea combined with goldenseal is highly effective for the boosting of the immunity, healing infections, fighting colds and allergies. It also aids in the respiratory system following an illness.

Nutritional supplements

This is the fourth basic category which includes supplements that are used for particular purposes like anti-aging and bodybuilding. For instance, specialty supplements like creatine, whey protein and HGH are major staples for a lot of avid fitness enthusiasts.

To be able to use the best KYOLIC® AGED GARLIC supplements for the benefit of your health, it is important to have a fundamental comprehension of different kinds of natural supplements.


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